How Mindfulness Can Lead To A Sustainable Business 

In setting up a business, we always think about three I’s—income, innovation, and importance. These three concepts have become key ideas for entrepreneurs and businesspeople to ensure that their operations are successful and relevant. But as society evolves, so do our lifestyles. With our world’s situation today, are the three I’s enough?  


Importance Of Impact 

For some, entrepreneurship involves purpose, and the number to that “some” continues to add up every day. Today, new revolutionary businessmen and women create enterprises and operations which are by far not only income-generating but also impact-generating. Now the three I’s have an addition: impact. 

We may think that impact is such a cliché word, but it means more than we believe. Because of many businesses, our world, in some way, has deteriorated, most especially in terms of environmental effects. Many companies worldwide have been so inclined in generating profit that they have forgotten our earth also gets affected. 


Because of this, many scientists have discovered the idea of sustainable technology to revolutionize businesses into making their operations and products eco-friendly. Not only do they bring income, but they also leave the right kind of impact! 


Beyond Innovations 

In business development, we try to ensure that how we do what we do has a long-term value not only for ourselves but also for our customers and partners. With this, we try to innovate and invent new interventions as often as possible to make our goods and services at par with the many new ideas that come out every day. 

However, with the limited resources present on our planet today, carelessly innovating isn’t going to last. To create an impact that is sustainable, we have to adapt the concept of mindfulness. 


What Does Mindfulness Mean 

Besides the typical yoga and meditation that we associate with mindfulness, there is another deeper concept to it. Mindfulness is how we are cautious of our actions: how we think about others’ welfare over ours, how we look into the future before making a move. Mindfulness covers all the applications of sustainable development when it comes to handling our business.  


With what our world is currently experiencing, typical inventions are not enough. We have to go beyond innovations and think of sustainable solutions which will make our world a better place for one another.  


Mindfulness Matters 

As business owners and entrepreneurs, being mindful can go a long way. It creates a mindset which is sensitive to oneself, to others, and the environment—and that’s what we need today. We’ve seen how factory smoke dirtied the sky, how laboratories polluted our waterways, how industrial plans have produced toxic plastic. In the long run, we’ll be the ones to get affected by it.  

The greedy and selfish moneymaker is out; the compassionate, impact-generating and sustainable businessman is in! It’s time to be mindful and change our ways in developing businesses because we don’t have much time anymore.  

Not only can mindfulness lead to eco-friendly businesses, but it can also make it more stable and sustainable, creating a long-lasting effect and a positive impact towards others! 


Being mindful trains our mind to think of solutions that do the least harm to the environment, making it more sustainable. When the time comes and resources run out, you’ll always be ready for crisis management, and your business will be the least likely to get affected! 

Applying mindfulness in business development is very important because you lean on sustainable technologies which rely on abundant and renewable resources. Thus, your business creates long-term value for itself, and you’ll have to worry less! 

Mindfulness matters because you are trained to become not only a sustainable business developer but also a leader, an innovator, an influencer, and a changemaker—someone our world truly needs.  

With this, you can continue changing the world, generating both income and impact.