5 Ways Technology Can Help You Care For Your Employees’ Mental Wellness

Mental health has increasingly become an essential aspect of employee engagement in an organization. Business owners have started noticing that if the mental wellness of employees is given attention and their needs are adequately addressed, it translates to increased productivity, better relationships, healthier office atmosphere, and an overall improvement in business operations.

Here are 5 ways you can use utilize modern technology to address your employees’ mental health concerns:

  1. Smart Office Design

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Utilize wireless technologies so that people can move their workplaces depending on the need. Use office acoustics that can help keep the place quiet even with open office space. Concerning lighting, go with more natural light as this helps lower stress levels. Add greenery too, as this provides a sense of calmness. 

  1. Wearable Technologies

Let employees use wearable technologies like Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Jawbone because of the majority of those who use them report to be more productive at work. This technology allows them to monitor and evaluate their physical activities, sleeping patterns, and stress levels. Because of this, they can have a better grasp of how to maintain work-life balance.

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  1. Collaborative Working Sites

Especially for jobs that require people to work in teams, online tools for collaboration are essential because all members of the group do not get to work together at the same time in the same office. Various online sites such as Slack, InVision, and Trello allow team members to share their ideas, monitor each other’s progress, check on what everyone is doing, and give feedback to others all in real time, whenever, wherever.

  1. Mental Health Applications

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Install mental health apps on office desktops and office mobile phones to help employees care for their mental health. Various mental health apps such as Moodpath, Pacifica, and Headspace focus on calming the person and improving focus and meditation. This way, you can help your people overcome a heated argument, a stressful meeting, or a series of unfortunate office events.

  1. Other Office Facilities

Create spaces for social gatherings like small tables in the corners or the pantry. Belongingness is essential for employees to feel engaged and for them to keep their mental state healthy. You may also add an office gym or a studio-like space where employees can do extra-curricular activities after work like dancing or yoga. You can even add an entertainment room for movies and even karaoke, but to be used only upon reservation after working hours.

Mental health awareness has now become so widespread. It proves its importance not only in the personal aspect but also in the business setting. It is time for business owners to pay attention to the fact that mental wellness is key to maintaining employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty to the organization. While these technological improvements can be a bit costly and challenging to implement, it would pay off well once you see your employees work more productively and efficiently than you have ever seen before. There’s no harm in investing to your own people to help you achieve success.