5 Companies With The Best Sustainability Practices 

Critics would be firm with their opinions on the fact there is not a single corporation in the world that is doing enough to address the issues of resource scarcity and climate change. For them, the money and the growth of the business always come first. However, according to other experts, there is a growing number of companies which changed their operations to implement sustainability practices which are best for their companies.  

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Check out these top-tier companies which are taking part in this environmental revolution.  



The creation of the products of Apple takes a lot of energy. According to research, 77 percent of the carbon footprint of Apple is dedicated only for the production of tablets, MacBooks, and iPhones.  

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With that in mind, Apple made sure to address this problem through its sustainability efforts. One of its initiatives includes installing 485 megawatts of solar and wind projects in various areas in China. Thus, most of their power plants run with 100 percent renewable energy. This project also decreased their carbon emissions by an estimated 600,000 metric tons. 

Due to this effective big-scale project, Greenpeace recognized Apple for their laudable sustainability initiatives for the third straight year.  



Unilever does not only come up with green investments, but they also made sustainability as their main brand advocacy. Through the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP), they plan on targeting the improvement of their supply chain operations. It also includes the production process of their suppliers and communities where they operate.  

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To date, three-fourth of the non-hazardous waste of the company does not go to landfills. The company uses them for other recycling initiatives. Unilever also uses some waste as inputs for their production process.  

Due to its efforts to maintain this kind of sustainability mindset, the United Nations gave the company one of its prestigious awards—the Champion of the Earth Award.  


Chai Energy 

Chai Energy wants to involve their consumers in their advocacy of saving the environment. Through their monitoring application, they can inform their customers of their real-time energy consumption. It sends them consumption saving tips such as, “Your halogen light is mostly generating heat.” With that, users can now act towards energy efficiency. 



Workhorse Group is pioneering commercial transportation which is both electric-powered and cost-effective. The company came up with hybrid-electric delivery trucks which they use for their operations, improving the company’s fuel efficiency by 400 percent. 

Currently, the company is working towards the improvement of its residential drone delivery. It is also paving the way to the completion of its FAA certification for the world’s first-ever electric hybrid helicopter called the Octocopter.   


Alabama Chanin 

Alabama Chanin is a company known in the fashion industry for incorporating sustainability in its operations—from seed to fabric. The materials they use in creating their home goods and clothing are 100 percent organic cotton. They also established another division in their business aimed towards establishing more sustainability practices. This project is called the School of Making.  

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The School of Making’s function is to be the researching body of Alabama Chanin. Its goal is to look for new materials and subjects which they can use for the betterment of their products and the environment, solidifying their mission of “becoming educators and makers, working to elevate and merge design, craft, and fashion.” 

Everyone is aiming for a more environmentally friendly future. We are still far from achieving this state. However, with the initiatives of the five companies mentioned above, it can be a great start for all of us. Join the movement of these businesses and be one of the creators of change.